CD Cases

Is it just me or is anyone else getting peed off with the card sleeve type of cd case. I had to start replacing discs after 5 months as the case just scratches them getting them in and out. Ive now ordred a bulk pack of super jewel cases, and when never i receive a card sleeve type i rather sadly sit there cutting up the cover to fit the new plastic case.

I have a fear of being mistaken for a 'craft' type...

Honestly though, i'm getting more and more of these poorly packaged discs, i know costs may be lower but hey, they dont protect the disc, they scratch them...
Ps68...haven't found significant wear due to cardboard or paper sleeves but I am interested in learning where you order your "super jewel cases". I've broken a fair number of cases over the years. Would like a replacement for these (as opposed to just using paper sleeves). Thanks.
Count me as peed off! Cardboard sleeves are a BAD joke.
I make copies of the original,and use them mainly.They say its
true bit for bit copy. I can't tell the difference.I don't like the way they bend popping them out of the jewel boxes either.If I damage the copy,no great loss because its cheap. Now the CD recorders are fading out.
Some of the cardboard CD album covers come with translucent plastic sleeves for the CDs, similar to the plastic sleeves made for LPs. This seems to address the scratching problem.

Sleeves like this are available in the after-market at about $0.04 per.

However, I have not yet purchased them, so I don't know whether the fit is tight enough to fit inside the cardboard.

"....recorders are fading out"

Have no fear, personal confusers are here! Take 'em out of the sleeve once, rip 'em, put 'em away foreve.... well a really long time.

For dupes of discs, I buy the slim plastic cases. The case bends instead of the CD or DVD, if the fit is super tight. They also have a thin sleeve of clear plastic in which one can insert the album art (cardboard) cover with next to no trouble.... they run about a buck a throw, or so, and come in colors too.
The copy's are good for your family members that want to use them in the car too!
So, PS68, where did you get those "SACD" cases? I and Ghosthouse would like to know?
I got them from here in the UK,they do a good service and about 40 pence each...

There is a US link also:

Cheaper than replacing discs, so well worth it imo..
Thanks Al.

Thanks Ps68 - they look good.
Yes it is cheaper than replacing discs. When necessary I do purchase new CD cases if I find that a CD comes with cardboard cases they are often junk.
Are we talking digipack or mini-lp?

With mini-lps I always put new CDs in a tyvek sleeve which fits inside the mini-lp jacket and protects the CD nicely. I like mini-lps because they save space.

Protecting the CD from scratches is especially important with early XRCD packaging.

I don't like digipacks because the teeth holding the CD can break and there's nothing you can do. At least regular old jewel cases can be replaced.
I can attest that bad cardboard sleeve designs DO scratch discs. It has happened to me a lot. I get a lot of avant-garde small label recordings, and they often get 'clever' with packaging (an attempt to be 'artsy'), much to the detriment of the CD. I can assure you that the ones who design such abominations are not audiophiles!
I dont like to store my cds on cases, i just rip the cd's to my computer and make a backups for all the music i have on them.