cd carousel for hard drive cd archive

i am contmplating attempting to put my cd collection on hard drive. i have not seen any descriptions of using a carousel cd player via optical output. is this feasible to sort of batch the process?
Absolutely not. For optimal sound quality, use a good CD rom drive and extract the audio files using EAC (Exact Audio Copy).
No, you really need a CD ROM drive, not an audio CD player--the optical s/pdif output is not the same as the IDE or ATA CD ROM interface. There are carousel CD ROMs, used by libraries and such, but haven't seen them used in this type of application.
This could work;sid=nDivWMPdpZqvS4AoP7ilU4zM2tf3_Zg4yS0=?CategoryName=cpu_DigitalLivingSystem&Dept=computers
First, I am always leery of "media center" systems. The quality of your digital music experience is directly related to how good the quality of your ripping and (if used) encoding. Poor ripping = poor sound. EAC is the ne-plus-ultra of ripping, and I wouldn't use anything else.

Second, I certainly don't trust Sony, which is a content provider, with giving me a ripper that duplicates--without addition or subtraction--content on a CD. This is the company that surreptiously installed extremely pernicious rootkits on CD buyer's computers without telling them.
ingenius attempt though!

to second eddesilva - do a bit more reading and you will see that the whole benefit of this approach comes from reading packets off the disk using a CD-ROM drive - this is how the jitter is eliminated. And the better news is that it is not real time.

BTW SLIM Devices offers a ripping service