CD Burning Software redux

Hello All - I need an alternative to Roxio for CD burning and am thinking of Nero. Dell had me run diagnostics on my machine and advised me that Roxio's drivers were causing problems. In general, I hear that Nero is better than Roxio. Nero has several versions - the current is v6.6 ultra, but there is an "express" version (OEM) also available on the web, etc. I don't want to pay $80 for the ultra version, especially since I really only want it for CD and DVD burning, not doing video editing and all those advanced features. There are also "older" versons of the "Ultra" package out there. And perhaps there are other products besides Roxio and Nero that should be considered...

What should I shoot for? Are there problems with buying OEM software? Thanks very much.
We use Nero at Rives Audio to burn our masters. Combined with the Yamaha burner it's very good. We can highly recommend it.
Give me your address. I'll send you a free copy of either 5.5 or better. I keep getting upgrades at work.