CD burning from a CD to improve audio quality .

Any experience? Anyone trying older Yamaha recorders that may actually put more space between pits and slightly shortens recording time available? Tried Mitsui Gold blanks and compared them? To use on top quality audio system. Does PC need to be used to feed the recorder?
If there was more space between the pits, the CDs would not hold as much as a CD burned by another recorder. I saw an add today for MoFi CDRs in Stereophile. They are about 2.00 each. I don't think you can beat Taiyo Yuden.
I use Mitsui Gold Blanks exclusively anymore.I had been using the non gold Mitsui's but was finding that certain players i owned would not recognize the disc.That being said i also feel that the Gold's just have an even nicer sound to my ears to other non-gold discs.Call me crazy, but they are the ones that i am sticking with. For recordings i know i want to have the best quality,reliability and readability these have become choice number one.
I've tried many different blanks and these are the ones i am using now for my recording, mastering and live show archiving of various artists.
I'm not familiar with the MoFi's or the Taiyo Yuden's however so they need to be tried as well.The Taiyo Yudens Golds are in the same price ballpark as the Mitsui's at around $1 or less depending on quantity.
The Taiyos are the professional standard but the Mitsuis are well regarded also. You probably can't go wrong with either.
Yamaha recorders are fantastic, so are the Mitsui gold. This is what we use for our masters for our Test CD. Will it improve a current CD? That is very debateable. I'm not even going to open that can of worms. But I can confirm that the Yamaha and Mitsui are good choices for quality burning.