cd burner

looking for recommends for cd recorder to make copies of other cd,s and vinyl.does not have to have good play-back ability,just good transfer.also reasonably inexpensive,as wont be used often.any help appreciated.
Try to get a pro model if possible that way you can use CDRs and not have the digital to digital copying problems that occur with consumer models. Sony makes a good one that has SBM capabilities. Check out Oade Brothers at
I use a Denon 1500 for copying LP's and CD's in my home system. I liked it so much I purchased the Pro 550 for live recording at my church. They are basically the same machine, with several added features on the Pro. It has balanced inputs, copy code defeat and can use standard CDR's. It cost $600 at Guitar Center. You won't go wrong with either, but I would recommend the Pro if the price difference is acceptable to you.
Hi, I have a CD recorder and a Minidisc recorder.
Just to make things more balanced. The Minidisc has
ALOT MORE and BETTER features when it comes to
editing. The best CD recorder that I can tell you about
is the Pioneer PDR-W839 consumer unit.
It does offer CD-TEXT input on the CD-R and CD-RW
discs just like a Minidisc unit would have.