CD and Speakers for a Jolida 302?

I have just bought a Jolida amp and am looking for a CD and speakers for under $1000 combined. Any suggestions. CDs on Audiogon that might qualify appear to be CAL Ikon, Marantz CD63 and 67, Rega Planet. Speakers include, B&W 6 series (which don't thrill me), Dynaudio 50s, Paradigm... Room is 10x12x8 and listening preferences are jazz, accoustic stuff, pop. Thanks for any suggestions.
For CD, how about Jolida's own new player? Or the CD500 from CAmbridge, or a Rotel. For speakers, if you wanted a minimonitor, there are the Coincidents or Triangles. For companies that offer monitors and floostanders, Mission, PSB(esp. the Image series), and maybe even NHT or Polk. Also, don't forget about Vandersteen 1s(very nice sound).
Thanks Trelja. Have not heard the Jolida. This is my first tube amp so I am wary of overdoing the tube sound. I will check out those speakers too. What about Alon speakers?
Hi Pops: I have a pair of Castle Isis speakers that would be a good match. Retail was $550-$650 depending on finish. They are discontinued but may still be around at a very good price. Their replacement is called the Richmond at $500 list. They are large and refined sounding small moniters that run 87db @ 1 watt at a very stable 8 ohms. Maybe a bit too bright with some SS electronics but great with tubes and my MF gear. The Cal Icon MkII is a good choice. I use it with an HT power cord which gives it more life. For something newer a used Audio Refinement player would be nice for around $500-$550 and you should be able to deal on the speakers or find them used. I have had some second thoughts in the past about the Isis speakers that I have resolved with proper placement and a few system tweaks and now feel that they are way ahead of their price range when used at reasonable listening levels. They kill on jazz and classical music. They also take 100-150 hours to break in and do their thing. It's all personal taste and we always preach what we own but I have done side by side home comparisons with Linn Tukans and SF Concertos and still prefer the Isis in our setup, and yes I had the cash to buy the other speakers. Good luck with your search, you have a great start with the Jolida which is a very musical sounding amp.
When I auditioned the triangles, I really thought that they'd pair well with a Jolida setup like you describe. I haven't heard the combination, but would definitely try them out in your position.
Check out the Sep/Oct edition of listener magazine where they cover a bunch of speakers in the $600 price range, all efficient, and would work fine with your tube amp. I'm a little puzzled by your system building approach, buying the amp first. Usually one finds a speaker they like (one of the hardest things to do) and then an amp for a satisfying match. Good luck.
Pops: I always forget about the Acoustic Energy Aegis One's when people ask about speakers because they are so inexpensive ($300.00) retail. They are good little speakers. I have heard them with a Jolida, the 500 model can't remember the exact number, and they would be a good match considering your room size. They should be pretty easy to find and audition and would free up more cash for the source. They do not sound like $300.00 speakers. They are not flashy sounding and would be good for the long haul and or listening session.
POPS: I owned a 302 a couple of years ago. First, I matched it with NHT's Super Ones, then Super Zeros. I enjoyed the combination quite a bit with a JVC 1050. I then bought a pair of JM Labs Daline 3.1's. The synergy between the Jolida and JM's was astonishing. You can still find 3.1's out there for around $500. If you can find 'em, you won't regret a purchase. Happy hunting.