CD/Amplifiers for Dynaudio 1.3SE

I am looking for amplification (integrated or separates) for my 1.3SEs. I have a largish room - 14x15x15 (lxdxh) for this size speaker. I have been using the NAD Silver series system from CD through separates. I have to sell them as I am moving back to Aust (where I want to set up the new system). I like the sound but am wondering if there is something that gets a little further into the music and is a little more musical. I like good detail and soundstage as well as dynamics. Not sure if the current setup has accurate tonality (if that is a word). I don't want to get too soft though. Listen to mostly jazz, accoustic, some alternative pop (Radiohead, Grandaddy) and very little classical. Could spend up to $8k.
I suggest using a tube preamp such as Conrad Johnson LS17 or LS16 together with good solid state monoblocks such as Pass Aleph 0. You can stay within your budget if you buy used products. I have used also an Audio Research VT100 MkII with my Dynaudio 1.3SE with very good results. The preamp used was an Audio Research Ref.1. You have to have a tube preamp for these speakers to sound their best (my personal experience).
The above post is great. Additionally, I would try the Pass Labs Aleph 5 with those. You can pick them up for 1800 used. It's only 60w, but that should be plenty for those speakers. My number one pick by far. If you don't need a preamp, I recommend the wadia 830 (provided you don't mind that the company is out of business), or the Sony XA7ES. Cal Audio's are pretty good too, but I've never heard one for extended auditioning. The main thing you want to be sure of is to have VERY CLEAN SOUNDING, smooth components with those speakers. They are very resolving, and will tell you about it if you buy a metallic sounding amplifier or cd player.