CD Album Title Lists and/or Composer Works lists

Dear Audiogoners,

I currently want to build a collection of Classical music CDs, so CD album title lists and/or composer works lists is needed, do you know any internet free database or sources for that?

your inputs are greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance

You can go to Gramophone Recommended Library for a start.
Gramophone is a premier classical review magazine from UK. Many of its reviewers and writers have had an extensive career in music.

Another good guide is the Penguin Guide to Compact Discs. You can get it on
Good luck.
Naxos has a great site which includes a Learning Zone. It has info on composers, history and 2 recommended/getting started lists of their recordings (of course), but still quite useful.
You could try the classical part of all music guide:
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Hope this helps.
I've find the all music guide is a great website, next to it is

thank u all for the inputs.