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Thinking about getting a cd player again had a cambridge 840c before which was quite good but would like to get something better. My budget is $3000.00 and am willing to buy used if need be. Considering any of the Modwright modded players or perhaps an ear acute or ayon cd player. Have 1000i Final electrostatic speakers and a Ref 3 preamp with an old Nakamich Pa7 for amp. SACD player would be nice but am more concern about quality of cd the most. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Luxman D-05, pre-owned.
What traits of the Cambridge are you wanting to better?
Time of a Sony 595 refurb from SonyStyle, at $60 you can do not wrong.
i really would try and get a audio research cd 3 mk 11 for around 2300 usd , i really think they are very smooth and detailed and built extremely well , also if there is ever a problem they would fix it .
I suggest you audition the Ayre CX-7eMP CD player. I own this piece and like it very much. see
If you can, I suggest you listen to the Denon 100th anniversary SACD player. This player is warm, detailed, also plays high resolution. There weren't many made, I've been waiting for feedback from others before I commit (just to make sure that it's as good as I think, I guess I don't trust my ears.) It's $2500 new.
I suggest auditioning and acquiring a Jolida JD-100 at around $500.00 (a little less $$ on if you're lucky enough to happen upon a great deal), and then upgrade the tubes, power cord and feet. The JD-100 is an easy-to listen-to CD player, even without the mods.
Tpreaves looking for more midrange detail and better midbass than the cambridge had.
I have a Jolida JD-100 Underwood lvl 1 cd player purchased here on Agon a few years ago. I added a few additional mods - teflon caps... It has worked perfectly since purchase. Currently using Tele tubes. Have vintage long plate Mullards tubes on the way. Eager to give it a spin with the Mullards. My friend has a Marantz ?8004? cd player which is a VERY nice, musical player for the money. If I did not have a cd player I coud easily see myself with the Marantz.
Plus the Marantz has hook up provisions that the Jolida does not. Still, in a mini shoot out the Jolida faired better than expected against the newer Marantz. The Marantz had the edge on detail while and the sound stage was more forward versus the Jolida which was a tad more musical. The Jolida also offers ability to alter sound to some degree via tube rolling. Down side is tube cost of course but the jolida is gentle on tubes so they should last 5000 plus hours per pair.
Just my 2 cents. Best wishes.
Do a WWW search on the AMR CD-777 (there are two units currently for sale @ A'Gon).

I came across this company when researching a NOS (New Old Stock) DAC design by Thorsten Loesch.

Looks interesting, plus the reviews are both consistent and positive.
Sony SCD XA5400ES SACD player $1499.00 online or call Mike and get it brand new for around $950.00.
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