CCR Woodstock 50 yrs Double LP

I received my copy of this double LP in the mail today.  I am quite disappointed.  First of all, each record side has no more than 10-12 minutes of music and this could have easily been a single LP.  Perhaps the record company wanted to maximize profits?  It's the sound that really bothers me.  I kept asking, where are the highs and it sounds like it was recorded in a bathtub..  While the sound is better than the Woodstock album on Cotillian Records that came out in 1970, it isn't that much better.  After all the hype and build up, I am mildly disappointed.  

I would like to know what others who have bought this record think.
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I was more interested in the complete sets of certain bands but passed out of fear of poor SQ.
Garbage in,garbage out. 
I agree the sound isn't so great but the memories it brings back are priceless.
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The 10 CD set was way too rich for me.  I was mostly interested in Creedence as they weren’t on the original Woodstock or Woodstock 2.  It was supposed to be a much better recording, not. 

Believe it or not I’ve never watched the whole movie (most of the bands/artists are not to my taste. The Band wouldn’t sign-off on any song from their set being included in the movie or soundtrack. By the way, though all the performers were asked to do so without pay after the fences came down, The Who refused to mount the stage until they were paid, in full. No hippies they ;-), but I wouldn't be surprised if the recording was made with not studio mics, but with PA mics: Shure SM57’s, etc. Boosted response in the presence range, lack of very high frequencies, muddy over-all sound. Plus it was outside, in the rain, with wind noise, etc. Sound quality was a very low priority.

John Sebastian and Arlo Guthrie's onstage "raps" are SO unintentionally funny. Boy were hippies a self-righteous buncha clowns. Their catch phrases and vocabulary were already corny in '69. Far out, man. David Crosby was perhaps the worst, and his onstage lectures got him kicked outta The Byrds. His great harmonies were missed, but not his personality. Another by the way: Crosby, Stills, & Nash went in the studio to replace their out-of-tune Woodstock harmonies with in-tune ones. 

I get by on the iconic Santana’s Soul Sacrifice, Ten Years After’s I’m Going Home and Canned Heat’s On the Road Again, all on YouTube. Chip Monk’s sound is terrific, I don’t know what you guys are listening on.