CBS News does a segment on LPs

Hello Western PA! CBS news this evening (8/19)had an entire segment on the return of the LP! That was great to see.
I just purchased 3 new LPs the last few days one was a 4 LP 180 Gram Led Zeppelin box set.

I found a great place to buy LPs online.
I saw it! Nice segment. Anyone know what the cartridge was?
More good vinyl news. LA Times had an article on the LP comeback in Mondays Calendar section. I'm spinning Dave Grusin now.
Did you get Mothership? I'm interested to know about the sound quality on that one.
I did not know that it went away, huh ??? Thats weird. I think the media is doing some brainwashing or whayever you might call it.
I purchased Mothership by Led Zeppelin. The Sound is fantastic
VinylDavid at Audiokarma was the lead person being interviewed on that story.