Hi guys, its the same question a ask last week about the Meridian 861

I want a surround setup and I gonna do this with 5 fullrange speakers.
Its for me important that the two channel stereo does not run trough the CBIIIHD. But only run trough the PSAudio PWD dac. Setup wil be: Mac Mini > Pure Music > optical> PWD > speakeramps. But for surround I want to use the left and right speaker also but together with the PWD as dac for the left and right channel. Is this possible? Setup will be: Oppo>Theta CBIIIHD>AES out>PWD>speakeramps? Is there a digital card for CBIIIHD? (Which freq will come out of the CBIIIHD?) that handels the left/right channel out? So I can lead this into the PWD?

Will this work? Or is it a bad idea?

Second: When does the Dirac Live roomcorrection for the CBIIIHD come out?

Thx in advance

The CBIII HD itself cannot process internally beyond 48/24, but output on the digi out card is restricted to 48/16 due to HDMI licensing restictions. See my comments on other forum for the PWD integration question. This can be done, but the tricky part is keeping the mains volume levels that run through the PWD in synch with the center/surround/sub. Some sort of macro programming is required to do this.

Dirac release date is everyone's guess.
One more comment. Theta has been talking about a high rez digi out card for years, and even shown some sort of prototype. What exactly this card would do beyond what the existing card already does is a mystery, because the existing digi out card is already fully 96/24 capable (although as I mentioned the CBIII HD cannot process 96/24 internally).
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