CB Radio interference

Hey ya'll, im livin' in brooklyn NY. Anybody ever get dudes talking on CB radio coming through the phono amp? always at about 6pm im playing tunes on the TT and i get a faint conversation in CB code over laying my music! anyone else in a metropolis ever get this and if so, is there a solution other than not listening to Lp's a 6pm + or - an hour?
The person using CB is overcranking (illegally) their unit.
Not much you can do to them. But for yourself:
Move the interconnectes a little. place some metal over them, and ground it to the AC wall ground.
(Cheapest version is cut a tin can so you have two half cylinders. drill a hole in each part, stich wire on each, get a wall plug and wire to only the ground pin. Plug in wall. Place half cylinders over wires..
Move them around when CB is playing.. see if it can stop the input.
The can halves would be a stopgap solution which might work.
If it does, then that would be all you need.
If it does not. then the problem may be in the phono box.

Trying to isolate the parts from airborn RFI.. Some part of the pre phono output is picking up the info.. Wires, metal parts. cart..
So you want to block the RFI from getting into the parts.
Metal is the best. a copper screen can work too. (also want to ground it)

I had CD radio coming it when i had rear surround wires lined up on wall. When I changed them to a diferent location.. it went away. It was startling! Suddenly this loud crap over my stereo!
I had the same problem about 20 years ago.The offending party lived about a block away.Fortunately he died.I still say I had nothing to do with that.You could check phono stage tubes to see if they are microphonic.I use 6dj8 which tend towards that problem.
Now you know why the rents are cheaper in Brooklyn. What kind of building do you live in? Is it pre war?
These can be tough issues to trouble shoot. The above posters offer some
good suggestions. Sometimes you gotta move (...yeah I know)

One question...is the phono stage next to a window? That may
"leak" RFI more so than a wall...

You might try something like this...several vendors have versions of this:


I just googled rfi shielding ... here's a rfi tent ;)

Yes a metal cage of conducting metal such as copper for example shouldf help block the unwanted signal. The cage is called a Farraday cage, I think.
Casey33: "Fortunately he died.I still say I had nothing to do with that". That is a good one!

I had experienced a one time similar occurance . While playing a CD, a few transmissions came through EXTREMELY loud and clear!
Judging by conversation, the sender was mobile and one block away, passing through town.
Thanks all for the support… I will continue to explore and experiment with these ideas. but im not goin for the tent;). I do have some copper plates that i may try in various configurations around the phono stage/interconnects.

I live in new construction… every corner was cut during building… the electricity sucks… I can even hear emi when someone rings the buzzer!
"I live in new construction… every corner was cut during building… the electricity sucks… I can even hear emi when someone rings the buzzer!"

Well, thats what you get for living in Brooklyn. If you want, I'll give you my uncle Vinny's number. He'll take care of that CB problem for you.
Long time ago I had problem with CB sound coming at full blast from TV speakers and land-line speakerphone (not cordless). Every time it happened there was unmarked police car with long antenna next to my building. It could be that he had high power transmitter out of whack polluting on all frequencies.
I had radio station coming through my phono awhile back.
After trying all sort of shieldings, ferrite rings etc, nothting seems to work. Then I tried moving my phono, turntable around and the problem disappeared. The problem disppeared after moving everything about 6 inches so it does not have to be a big move either. Sometimes you just get a hotspot in certain location in the room.
There is a solution! at least mostly a solution. I just installed Walker Audio's Eliminator-T at my phono pre-amp… I think the problem is solved!!! not only has the CB radio/RFI been significantly reduced, but i had a very nice improvement in the quality of my system sound! I posted a video of what it used to sound like here:


I still get a little coming in but at very low volumes - not enough to make make me turn off the tt and come back in an hour anymore. I almost can't believe it...