cayin vs. primaluna vs. unison for totem arros

Just picked up a pair of Totem Arros for a small room system (my office). Rega Planet 2000cdp. Reading the threads, it seems these are the top three choices for the Arros. I'm looking to replace an Adcom GFP750 and Bryston 4b-nrb with a tube integrated. I know basically nothing about tubes except that I usually like how they sound. How much power do I need (i.e. which specific models should I be looking for from these manufacturers)? I also need remote volume. How many hours on tubes is reasonable? I have no idea when they wear out and need to be replaced. I'm guessing I can get about $1500 for my current pre-amp, amp, and interconnect. I'm willing to spend up to that much but quite happy to spend less. Any advice is welcome. -Dave
cayin, great sound, to value.
I have owned a total of 3 Cayin integrateds. Great sound, great build, great value, and very reliable.

If this is your first time with tubes, try to pick up the inexpensive Cayin T 30 with the extended bias mod, (they usually have it). You can use el-34 type tubes as well as 6550 and KT-88 family type tubes.

Lots of fun to get tube rolling and experiment with hearing differences that different tubes make.

Any decent tube amp with 30+ watts per channel should drive the Arros in a small to medium sized room.

Any of these tubes amps mentioned will have noticeably "lazier" bass compared with the Bryston, which is generally very good, but the tubes will produce a more palpable midrange and treble with the Arros. You pays you money and takes your choice...

PrimaLuna ProLogues don't have a remote as I recall. Not sure about the others.
In terms of reliability, integrated amps are probably the most reliable piece in your audio setup. Personally, I like solid state better, they take less time to warm up and the bass is a bit more punchy to my preference.

Just make sure you buy a tube integrated with a pre-out or sub-out for a small powered sub to help the Arros with the bass. Imaging and pace are excellent with the Arros but the bass is just not there or at least not to my expectation.

Totem speakers tend to be more finicky with clean, good wattage to sound their best in my own experience. But I know that many folks here would say positive things about Cayin or Primaluna, coupling either brand with the Arros.

Rogue tube amp is also a very good choice.
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