Cayin TA30 -- Anyone Ever Run in SE Triode?

I noticed the TA30 can be run in single ended triode mode for 4 watts RMS; Wondering if any owners have tried this and have an opinion/comparions. Also wondering if this amp can use KT88/66, 6L6, 6V6 with manual bias adjust. Thanks for your thoughts..
I have run my TA 30 in pentode mode which sounds quite good. You have to remove two tubes and adjust the bias to 700. I do for a fact know that you can use a KT88 with a bias adjustment to 400. I'm not sure about any of the other tubes mentioned. Hope this helps..
I believe the problem with KT88's is that the non-modded TA-30s (by Paul at Bizzybee) do not have enough range of adjustment on the bias pots to accomodate them. Paul replaces the pots and adds external biasing jacks.
I used to own this great amp, with extended bias option, all these tubes can be tried and more. The Svetlana 6L6 was a very nice tube with this amp. The TA-30 is a tube roller's dream come true.

Paul at TAD once sent me a list with all the tube possibilities and biasing values.

As for using only 2 tubes for 4 watts, I gained in transparency, but only for low volume listening, with 87db speakers, it just ran out of steam trying to crank it up, but what sweet sounds it made...

Enjoy, it's a great amp....I upgraded to the Cayin A 88-T just as much a bargain as the TA-30 is !