Cayin TA 30 with KT 120 tubes?

I have a Bizzy Bee modded Cayin TA 30 currently loaded with KT 88s. According to Paul @ Bizzy Bee (RIP), the amp can take KT 90s which I have used on this amp, as well. Just wondering if it would be possible to use the new KT 120s. I've been seeing quite a bit of favorable reviews on the KT 120s and I'd really like to give it a shot. I'm just trying to wring out as much power for my not so super sensitive speakers.
Thanks in advance.
No it cannot. The filiment draw is to high for the power transformer and it will overheat and damage the transformer.
Thank you granny ring...I'll stick with KT 90s...
I have the same amp running the Winged "c" 34s and was wondering how the 90s compares to the 34s if you have made that comparison.
I was using Matsushita EL 34s before going with EI KT 90s. I really prefer the 90s over the 34s. Maybe its the type of music I like (rock, some pop). To my ears, the 90s sound bigger/heavier, with a little more bass. The KT88s sounds a little mushier, and not as airy as the 90s.