Cayin TA 30 vs. PrimaLuna Prologue

Seems like the Cayin and Prologue are quite similiar in Basic architecture ... perhaps mfgr by the same CHinese OEM. However, The PrimaLuna ha smany added and very usefule features. I am told the Cayin has a US modifier .... but I wonder why go throught the expense and hassle of all the mods if you can one can buy the Prima Luna on Audiogon without risk of modifications for the same price?? Anyne experienced with these brands?
The Cayin and Primalunas look very similar and probably have quite a few things in common as far as parts go too.
The major difference between the two is that the Primalunas come with an autobias feature and the Cayins do not. Depending on who you ask, this autobias circuit improves, degrades, or has no effect upon the sound (I've never compared the two side by side myself).
Also, the Cayin can be biased to accept lots of different tubes, such as EL34, 6CA7, KT88, KT90, 6550, etc, while the Primaluna are set up so the Prologue one can only take EL34/6CA7, and the Prologue two KT88/6550. I own the Cayin and like the fact that I can try so many different tubes.
And finally, yes, there is a US modifier of the Cayin, Paul G of Tube Audio Designs. He no longer deals with the Cayins and has put his own TAD line of products which look very impressive.
Also, just so you know, the price of a modified Cayin and new or used Primaluna is not very close. I paid around six hundred bucks for my modded Cayin, while Primalunas generally fetch close to a grand even when they're used.
That's some bad info on the Prologue 2. The adaptive auto bias on the Prologue 2 allows you to use KT88, 6550, KT90, EL34, 6L6GC, 7581A, and KT66 tubes.
Bad info on the Prologue 1 also, you can also use 6L6GC, KT66, or 7581 tubes. Go to the Upscale audio website for the real info.
I think Paul Gyrzbek makes a great product. I have the TA-30 and the TAD-60 and I think they are the proverbial screaming bargains. (I also have an Art Audio Jota as a comparison - yes the Jota is better at many multiples of the price of the TAD-60). As for service, Paul is a customer's dream. Accessible, responsive, a nice guy. I have nothing but the highest praise for him.
yeah, I just realized that my post reads like the two can only take 6550 and KT88. I meant to say that it can take those tubes in addition to the ones used in the prologue one. Thanks for pointing that out.

Yes, Primaluna Buy casing design form cayin, but the big different is inside, although It is handmade in China (that's made price tag low) but the designer is Marcel Croase (ex chief engineer goldmund)
I bought a used TA 30 from a friend of mine. Basically sounded great with Mazda, tungsram and winged c's. But i needed more oomph! I looked inside and found your average cheap components so time to upgrade !!! Jensen PIO Cu foil in paper tube in back output tube section and Sprague Vitamin Q's at the inputs. I've just completed converting this average Chinese amp from its pentode to the more capable triode mode per Lampizator....guess what? will forever stay as a triode amp!!!! My triode TA 30 will "Bruce Lee kick" Prima Luna's arse and drop the jaws of Conrad-Johnson. Trust me get an el-cheapo but working TA 30 and forget Prima Luna, spend your hard earned money and time for the mods and component upgrade instead and reach musical nirvana quicker.