Cayin TA-30, Tube causing smoke

I recently purchased a quad of Siemens EL-34 tubes for my Cayin TA-30. For some reason, smoke keeps appearing from the #1 tube socket. It doesn't not matter which tube goes in there. It gets more bizarre, other tubes (the original Cayin's, Winged C's) do not cause any smoke. What could be going on here? Any other TA-30 owners experienced this? I have heard of JJ's causing this in other models. Any help is appreciated.
Are the Siemens biasing ok? Also they may be slower at warming up,which may call for extra biasing. If they are, maybe the Seimens have a problem?I'm guessing the others are
EL-34's too.Be careful.
It's a very strange situation. There is one of the Siemens that is quite content in that slot and does not smoke. All bias fine and amp sounds great. A real mystery.
Do you have a Hickok tube tester handy,or a friend with one.
Testing them is the only other thing I could think of.