Cayin product line question

There is a lot of discussion of the TAD-30, but the current models of Cayin integrateds that Acoustic Sounds sells are the S A-50T, S A-70T, S A-88T/6550 and the S A-88T/KT-88. How do these relate to the TAD-30, does anyone know?

It was the S A-88T/KT-88 (I'm pretty sure) that I really liked at RMAF a month ago, but I want to be clear about the various models present and past. I take it the deal with Cayin is each amp is meant to mimic the sound of a classic vintage tube piece, such as the Dynaco Stereo 70 or the Macintosh 275 or the Marantz 8B. What's the TAD-30 profile?
The 50 replaces the 30 in the Cayin line. I think that $ for $ , ASL has a product to match every Cayin model with better quality and higher resale value. I owned a 88/6550 and was happy to sell it. Good but not a match to the ASL AQ1001 DT, cheaper and more powerful.
I currently own the Cayin A-88T/6550 and owned the ASL AQ1001DT in the past. I enjoyed the sound quality of the ASL, but the build quality is a definite step back from the Cayin. In a side-by side comparison, I don't think anyone would dispute this. Everything from the remote to the the output transformers to the chassis itself is more substantial on the Cayin.

In addition, I agree with the owner of VPI that the Cayin A-88T sounds better than many more expensive separates. I am reluctant to compare the 2 amps sonically because I've used different components with each, but I will state that the Cayin sounds really, really good.

I was told by Acoustic Sounds that the 6550 output tubes add a little more resolution and frequency extension compared to the KT88 tubes -perhaps this is because the 6550 tubes in the Cayin are the more premium ElectroHarmonix tubes and not generic output tubes as used in the KT88 version.