Cayin integrated amp and power conditioner

I have generally preferred the sound of my amp (Audio Research vs55) plugged directly into a dedicated power outlet as opposed to using a power conditioner. I am putting together another system in a second home and I'm going the integrated amp route, so can anyone recommend a power conditioner that will allow a Cayin integrated (or other tube integrated)to perform optimally? I will also be plugging an Exposure CD player into the same unit, so a two or four-outlet PC is all I need.
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I've played this game over the years and landed on a Furman Elite 15i. Really does work. Music is more dynamic, blacker background, more open sound stage. It's weird because I didn't want it to work. Very synical about audio "Voodoo".

Also invested in an Oyaide Rhodium/Gold outlet with aluminum/carbon fiber plate. It all works well together.
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I second the Furman. I use it with a Cayin 100 and it does the trick.
Blue Circle bc6000 - 1st conditioner I've purchased, use it with my Ayon Spirit 2, could immediately hear improved punch and dynamics
That would be great. I'm initially going to start with the Cayin plugged into the wall, then add a conditioner.
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