Cayin CS-55a integrated... which speakers?

I have a Cayin CS-55a tube integrated amplifier, that I used to combine with the Totem Arro (now sold) with satisfying results. but I must say it the the least interesting sounding amp in my collection. It really doesn’t go along with any of my speakers.I have both KT88 (stock) and EL34 (EH) and although powerful the sound it is always boring, not engaging at all.

That puzzles me because not only it is very well build and very well regarded in the Audio press and YT reviewers.

So CS-55a happy users, what speakers are you playing with?


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I paired a similar tube setup with Fritz speakers, and Fritz remarked to me once that Cayin worked really well with his. You might ask him about a home trial.

@hilde45 thanks for the recommendation, the Fritz do look interesting and my kind of speaker.

Unfortunately I am in Portugal...

Carlos Marchisotto told me his customers reported that the Nola Boxer speakers sound great with the Cayin CS-A88. I don't know if the CS-55a sounds the same as the bigger brother. 

@dz13 Another very interesting speaker recommendation, yet another brand not available in Europe! On looks and specs alone the Nola Boxer Mk3 appears to be excellent with the Cayin.

@audiofilo123 Sorry, I missed the part about Portugal. 

Btw, how is Portugal? I have some dreams about moving there for retirement. 

@dz13 you are welcome!

Portugal is a great little country, with great weather, mostly with simple and friendly people. All foreigners are very well received and almost everyone speaks English at conversation level. You have the immense coast, beautiful beaches and also the countryside, diverse according to the region. I am in Alentejo, essentially the more important agricultural region, of renowned beauty, although in the summer we get up to 45 degrees hot days, and cold nights, like in the desert,

Then have the north, with a rocky green landscape or the south (Algarve) with all the amazing beaches, so you have very much to choose. I all depends on what are you looking for :)