cayin cdt 17a vs. consonance cd 2.2

need advice to choose from the two.prices are similar so any opinions are welcome.
I have not heard the Cayin but I have the Cons Ref 2.2 and I love it. It offers both balanced and unbalanced (tube) output, like the Cayin. Some music I use one, some the other - very versatile, though for detailed music I prefer the balanced. The only piece of equipment I own I would not consider changing. Not sure where you plan to buy, but you may wish to view this link about a certain Cayin dealer:

If the Cayin sounds even nearly as good as the Consonance, you'll likely be happy with either one. Good luck.
Have not heard the Consonance, but did have the Cayin 15, a nice cdp, but the tubes were changed out by original ower to Bugle Boys. Then i bought the 17 last summer, really nice sound, abit better than the 15, and worth the price. built like a tank and sweet sound.
Have not changed out the stock russian tubes. Yet
I had the Cayin cdt-15 and then got the Consonance Ref. 2.2. For me there was no contest. The Consonance was better by a margin, just like listening to a player on a different league.

If the CDT-17 is just marginally better than the CDT-15, then for sure the Ref 2.2 will still be a lot better.

Just my 2 cents.
If you read Driver's comments on my topic of the Droplet, which is Consonance's top of line tube cdp, he says that "I'd walk with the cayin 17".
I trust his opinion, as my opinion of the 17 is very high. When I say a tad better, I mean to say another noticable level up. The 15 is a very good player, tube section, not its ss out.
IMHO the 17 is the best value in any player under $5K.
TRhe over $5K distinction award goes to the Audio aero Capitole. Which i have not heard. And frankly I;m not sure there is such a thing as a "five grand" cdp sound.
btw thats the used price!
I'd love to put the 17 up to the Capitole and see someone post the results. I'd bet marginal difference at most.
I'm not one of these audiophiles that believes the more I spend, the better sound I get. We all know that is a fallacy.
When I get a quad of JJ 6922 Gold Pins for the 17, I'll post a note. I will not be at all disappointed if there is no improvement. The 17 is clean, detailed, dynamic with stock tubes.

Besides lets say you invest in the Capitole, and yet your amp is colored, your speakers have coloration as well, what good does it do to have a five grand cdp. The sound will be distorted by associated equipment.
Jadis voices clear, the Seas voices clean, both provide a channel for the Cayin 17 to voice its purity as well.
>>The over $5K distinction award goes to the Audio aero Capitole. Which i have not heard.<<

How can you make this assertion without hearing it? Please explain.
"please explain". Well considering how popular its been over the past 3 yrs, it must be one of the finest sounding players. Obviously no one would spend $5K++ for a cdp that doesn't perform. Just read the comments on audiogon about this player. Nothing like it they say.
Many capitole owners would argue its the best sounding one piece player.
But as i say I'm not sure what a $5K sound is suppose to sound like, from a cdp. My Cayin 17 sound like a "million $'s".
Before I spent even $5K for a used Capitole , I'd put that five grand into an amp, where the majority of the image comes. IMHO a good sounding cdp is like the "cream on the top, like an added bonus. Speakers and amp each making up 50% of the fidelity.
Bartokfan, I would listen more and read less before any recommendations and opinions are offered on equipment you've not actually evaluated. Your comments, as such, are a total disservice to the readers here.
I am the only one who pointed out the superior quality of the 17. No one even gave a review. How is that a disservice.
I did say my friends Cary 303 broke down 3 X's. How is that not a fair warning?
Good ignore the Cayin for all I care. If my reviews here are not appreciated, I'll hold my opinions.
Don't look for the review on the Xiansheng.
If you want that, PM me.
Disservice is commenting or opining on a player that admittedly you've never heard. In this case the AA Capitole. I hope that helps.