Cayin CDT 15A Tube CD Player. Advice Needed

I finally decided to take the plunge in getting a new CD player!!

Cayin CDT 15A Tube CD Player.
- With a free 120V converter for 120V power supply. Select 'Air Shipping from China' - shipping method.

HDCD decoder and D/A converter
Separated tube output and solid-state output
Two Russian 6922 functional tubes
Coaxial and fiber-optic digital output
PHILIPS CDM1210 and CD7 servo
Digital filtering with PCM1732 and Audio OPA2604
Luxury aluminum remote control

Out the door price of $775 from NY Sound

Any disadvantages with using a power converter?

Can I do better (same model or with a different model) at that price or LOWER?

Oh, if it matters, my current system is a set of Martin Logan ReQuest and a PrimaLuna Prologue One tube integrated (similar to the Cayin TA-30).
I guess no one can help :(

Any disadvantages with using a power converter?
Any disadvantages with using a power converter?

I suggest you buy the Cayin CDT 17A, it is much better.
I posted a short review of the Cayin 15 vs the 17, as I have both.
agree with Audiosu. The 17 gives more complexity to the music, though as I said in my review, the 15 is a very good unit.

My next move is to get 4 upgrade tubes , Siemens. Might even make more of an improvement over the 4 russian tubes.
For a $100, its worth the chance.
Thanks for the info guys. But what I eventually ended up doing (2 weeks ago) was purchasing a black Jolida JD-100 CDP.
I've owned the Jolida JD-100 and enjoyed it immensly. Grainless yet full of vigor and life. Not as smooth or refined as some of it's competitors, such as the Consonance 2.0 and 2.2 but, in some ways more realistic sounding - at least to my ears. The Jolida will put a singer in your lap or behind the speaker plane as the recording media calls for. Some of the other players seem to never project a vocalist forward of the speaker plane. They sound good but, exhude a characteristic of being too "reserved" sounding for my ears. The Jolida probably enlarges the general image a bit and this seems to add back a bit of life that the mastering engineer took away during the recording process. Some will prefer the more laser etched and accurate soundstaging of the Consonance type players and, some will end up preferring the more robust and immediate sound of the Jolida player (me, for instance).

So in a nutshell, good move.