Cayin CD 50T , or something else?

This player appeals to me although I won't be able to hear it before buying. Anyone out there using one? What do you think? My ancient 1st. generation Proceed player has finally died and I spend most of the time with a pretty good analog/tube set up. Will the Cayin satisfy? I really think any more money is just too much for Redbook digital. Can I get just as much music for less $ somewhere else? One prerequisite is no players with Phillips transports. Thanks for any info on this or any other players below $1500.00
Go for the Cayin from a dealer that will give you a return deal with no restock. I have heard the Cayin and tell you it is the equal of Sony 1sc and x777. I also have the cal labs tube units and Cayin is their equal. Have you looked at the oppo's?
I had the SCD-50T and it was a great sounding player.Beautiful midrange and even top to bottom.Tube rolling is a great option and it is very well made.

there was a previous thread on this topic. Everyone, including myself love this CDP. I've ordered a new AWV tube and can't wait to try it out because its already very nice with the stock tube.
I just installed a AWV tube and posted my impression on it. To summarize, it improved the soundstage, dynamics and bass. The tube only cost me $10 from Ebay and its moved this cdp up a notch or two. Its now a real giant killer.