Cayin A88T amp section vs. McIntosh MC275 IV?

Okay, so I realize that on paper, the Cayin unit (which I am currently using) should get blown away by the 275 from McIntosh. I demoed the Mac at a dealer, and they are clearing out their demo gear (offered me a great price). Impossible to audition at home, though (I don't think they want returns on their demo gear). Any ideas? I am currently using the amp section of the Cayin with a Modwright 9.0 Signature preamp, and it is really nice combo. But, it is also the first KT88 tube unit I have had in my house. I could upgrade to the 275 for not too much money, provided it is an actual upgrade.

It wouldn't be bad to have more power (the Cayin sounds like plenty, though). Since I was thinking of upgrading my preamp (Mac C220 was on the radar, amongst others) I thought the 275 might be a great choice. Musical tastes are mostly jazz, classical, some electronic downtempo, some rock. Speakers are Von Schweikert VR4 jr, which to my ears, are a bit on the warm side, which is fine. I hate thin/bright sounding gear.

Any opinions on the Cayin vs. the more powerful Mac, mostly related to sonics? For that matter, how good is the Cayin? Sound great in my system, but like I said, I really don't have a bunch of stuff to compare to.
The VR4s are sensitive enough(91) the Cayin will have no trouble driving them at all so I'm not so sure you would not need more power. Plus the speaker plug in options on the back allow you to taylor the sound to your liking. Also, you can swap tubes, I changed mine up by replacing the 88s with the 6550 tube. Don't underestimate the Cayin, heck an amp. With that said, I have not heard the Mac but part of your post questioned how good the Cayin is. Do a search on here, plenty of very positive feedback on the both the 88 version and the 6550 version that people tube rolled.
What makes you think it would be an upgrade? Now if you want your gear to match, that would be a good reason to go all Mac. The MAC is excellent, but I'm not sure it is a clear upgrade to what you already have. Though there is someting to pride of ownership and owning an iconic American brand.
Check my answers/threads as I have the 88, and 100 and did an in system compare to the 275 and wrote about my findings. For me, Cayin ruled. However, I sense you have Mac fever and the only know cure is to buy the Mac and then sell off the loser. Enjoy the music.