Cayin A88 t or Raven Blackhawk

Today I have to decide on if I purchase a Cayin A88T or
order a Raven Blackhawk ...
using Definitive Techogoly BP 8080 St bi polar speakers
My main music is jazz and using CD’s.

The reason I am going this way is that my first amp and I can get a88 for 2k and that is a savings
or I spend the extra money and from reviews the Raven Blackhawk is really a sweet sounding
amp .. I just do not know how close Cayin sound would be to Raven??? thank you
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Can't speak about the Raven but I can tell you the Cayin is a Mother Trucker to bias(unless they upgraded)you have to flip the HEAVY amp upside down.take the bottom cover off & monkey around the insides..Look for an amp from a maker smart enough to put test points & bias pots on the top plate where you can actually see what your doing...
Thank You ..I am going to order a Raven tonight.. I get to test it in my house with my speakers and see with my tinnitus if I can really say it is worth purchase over the Marantz with my hearing loss.
thank You again
Raven all the way.  I have a Reflection Integrated MK2 amp.  Dave Thomson is awesome to deal with.  I love my Raven. 
Wow good to hear..Just ordered and will receive the nighthawk first to see if my hearing can pickup the musical sounds of tubes and if good will receive a Blackhawk MK iii..Will let you know the results with Nighthawk and then hopefully Blackhawk..
Thank You Joe