Cayin A88 sells in one day

How's about that for ya? That tells you something.
The only other amp I see that sold in one day was the Jadis DA60, an old one.
I can't wait to get the A88. If it beats the JOR you will be sure to hear about it.
hmmm,are you saying that you sold your amp in one day?

i dont get it.
As impressive as that may seem, in my Audiogon career I've had several amps sell in a day- one in 15 minutes. Frankly, it's a combo of the correct price, market buzz and a little luck. I think the Cayin you referred to was sold for under $1,000- considerably less than the going rate used for that piece.
"If it beats the JOR you will be sure to hear about it."

It will because you've already decided, based on numerous previous posts, that Cayin is the Holy Grail. You seem to be fixated on them. Enjoy.
bartokfan beats the Cayin drum at every opportunity. it undermines your credibility, dude.
I second Narrod and Drubin's comments with a resounding DITTO. If I didn't know better (which I don't) I would sure wonder what is the connection between bartokfan and Cayin and/or what is the seeming dis-affection between bartokfan and JOR. I happen to own a JOR (which incidently, I bought in less than 10 minutes on audigon) along with a lot of other very, very fine amps and integrateds (but am not necessarily married to anyone one of them). I personally think very highly of the JOR as I also do of many of my other pieces. The JOR is not the best in the world but neither is it a sows ear. I am definitely going to get me a Cayin A88 just to tell you all how the JOR beat its pants off...and of course you will all just have to take my word for it. One mans silk purse is another mans sows ear or vice versa...
It sold because of recent buzz in the press and in these discussion threads, in combination with its 48% discount. Almost anything on Audiogon will sell quickly at a 48% discount. Add some recent buzz...and POOF! it's sold.
I was not looking for any trouble around here, so I'll stay out of it and let this topic sink down a few pages. Besides I'm surprised the moderators let it pass. Lets keep things friendly, its just a hobby, don't take it too seriously. Tvad has a point it was at 50% off.
Let's give Paul a break here...

Yes, he's passionate about the Cayin, and I appreciate that. Passion is a good thing, it drives the hobby.

I see many other people, a lot of them some of the more respected people on the site, talking about other brands with a high level of interest and passion as well. A lot of us are guilty of this sort of thing. The Cayin stuff is well put together and attractive, in addition to good sounding. And, no, I have ZERO affiliation with Cayin, or anyone selling it.

I trust Paul enough that when he gets his Cayin, he'll be honest about it, good or bad. I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt here.
Just to chime in here, I just bought a new Cayin A50T
and think it is fantastic!!
I am blown away at what it offers for the price! And I'm
talking sound wise only. Not to mention the remote &
beautiful build quality. I really don't know how they
do it for that price.
New Cayin fan?? You bet! Not trying to promote the
Cayin, just stating is is all that! (for the price)
Have not heard the A88 yet.