Cayin A100T vs Spark MT-100k

Spark audio makes Cayin. They have an integrated named MT-100K under the Spark name that seems to have the same specs as Cayin A100T. The Spark model weighs about 7 lbs more than the Cayin model. Anyone heard the MT-100K ? Curious to know the differences between the models.
I have the A100t, and I am very pleased with both the sound and value. I have not heard the MT-100 so I cannot tell what the sonic differences are. Most likely the higher weight is due to different transformers and chaise. I sure Steve, the USA distributor for Cayin can provide more information about differences. Steve is the reason I purchased the Cayin. Great customer service.
Without looking looking at specs of both models i can tell you spark/cayin is same oem. I know so because i was in authorized seller in hong kong and they told me cayin is "export" name and spark brand was sold in same shop. There maybe minor spec differences for similar model....just like honda/acura. Ex. In japan there is only honda branding of cars that would be considered acura in north america.
Buconero, can you tell me how to get in touch with Steve? I am actually living in Shanghai at the moment and the MT100k price is slightly higher than the A100T. I bought the Cayin but could still exchange it for a small fee if there was any advantage to the Spark model. The shop I went to does not have demo model so need to order one to hear it. Possible if it is at least the equal I will buy one and setup another system seeing that I like the A100 very much. Lots of speakers lying around with nothing hooked up to them.
Mofojo try the contact link at the usa site,