Cayin A-88T or Conrad Johnson CAV50?

Any opinions?
Had both...CAV 50 IMO... Very refined & velvet smooth!
Don't know which amp is better, however check out this link:

Owner seem knowledgable, credible and most of all, previously had cav50 and replaced it with a Primaluna Prologue 2. In NO way am I saying Cayin A88T = PrimaLuna, however they are from same factory and kt88/el34 capable.
What speakers? I would say Cayin AT88 but with good, may be NOS 6550s not Chinese KT88s. One of my gear that I regret having sold, truly good sounding with the flexibility of triode-UL operations. No fake warmish tubish sound.
I have both a CAV50 and a Rogue Cronus. Both are fine tube integrateds, the Cronus currently being manufactured.
How would you compare the sonic differences of the Cronos and CAV50? Thanks,