Cayin A-70t tube rolling ...EL34 Tubes?...

I'm looking to do some tube rolling with my new Cayin A-70t and I'm curious if anyone has any experience doing that. I noticed that there seems to be two models around. One that has a switch to select EL34 or KT88 and one that has the bias pots in place of the switches. I have the one with the bias pots. I'm thinking about trying some SED winged C and some EH 6CA7. What would I set the bias to for use with these tubes. The default is .35-.4
Call Steve at VAS as you have his version of the A-70 he can answer your questions.
Thanks. I just spoke with Steve and let me first say is is a SUPER nice guy and was very willing to help.

Essentially the bias settings are .30-.40, BUT you need to turn them all the way down before powering up with the new tubes.

I just put the gold lion KT-77 in my Cayin A50T and I'm quite impressed. They are still breaking in, but have already shown more control over the winged C, that they replaced.
A little late to the party... but I'm running Tung-Sol 6550's in mine with fantastic results. Tung-Sol 12AX7's and the stock 12AU7EH's.