Cayin A-50T with Triangle Altea ESW

Please let me know if they are matched. Or please give me suggestions with other integrated tube that match with my speakers.
Primaluna PL1 or PL2. I'm using the 2 with Triangle Comete's and love the sound.
Thanks for responding. The problem is I want a remote control.
Try the Primaluna Dialogue it has a remote
The Cayin A-50T would be a great match with the Triangles...particularly for rock - the EL34's are the sound of Rock!

In my mind, there is no better amp value for the $$$$...seriously.
Have Triangle Comete 25th Ann. spkrs, and I like my Vincent SV226MkII Int. amp. with them. This amp is hybrid with tube pre, solid state output. Tubes do like Triangle spkrs... sold my solid state Creek 5350SE int. to buy the Vincent and the addition of the tubed pre brings a subtle welcome warmth while firming up the lowest bass range.