Cayin A-50t vs. Rogue Audio Cronus

Similarly priced amps but which one has the sonic edge? Anyone?
I'd pick the Rogue.
cayin, better sound, value.
Rogue Audio Cronus......wonderful amp, and phenomenal ability to directly communicate with the folks who designed and built the amp. Mark, Nick, and the guys are a phone call away.
The Rogue is made in the US isn't it?The Cayin's made in Communist China, making the Rogue the only choice.Does it not make sense to buy from your fellow Americans?
And here I mistakenly thought this was an audio forum and the OP asked for opinions about the sonic capabilities of the amps.

I have the Cayin 100T and like it. Hopefully in the near future I can get my hands on a Rogue Stereo 90. IMHO the Rogue exhibited a solid state like control on the bass. When I was considering the Cronus, Mark and Nick were extremely helpful. In turn, with proper tube rolling the Cayin can produce a similar low end and extended highs and it is a great bang for the buck value. Steve at VAS Industries is equally helpful.

Both are great amps. You should really try to demo them and make up your own mind. Politics not withstanding.
Haven't heard the Cayin but own the Rogue Cronus. It's a wonderful sounding amplifier and has good features such a phono stage, preamp out for bi-amp/subwoofer purposes and a headphone output. How's that for value!