it depends on what kind of tubes you like to this your first tube amp? Some folks are very picky; others are not.

Also take in to consideration weight, size, and overall appearance. What does your heart say?
I never heard of Muzishare, but that doesn't mean much since I haven't been shopping in this range.  But why does it have four 300Bs if it is a single ended design?

Some years ago I owned a Cayin 300P, a push-pull version producing 20 wpc.  Apparently that was an earlier version of this model -

I found that to be of high build quality, good sonics, and reliable.  Oddly that is listed for less than the model you linked?
Team, i am kind of new to tubes comparing to others, only involved last 8 months or so. I started with Muzishare X7...Push-Pull 4xKT88s.
I also have KEF 105/3 that I renewed painfully, all donuts and capacitors.
I keep reading about I wanted to try SET and compare.
I am also planning get Tekton perfect 15s if KEFs would be hard to drive with 8W 300Bs etc...
I also build raspberry stream with HAT digital out, trying Ethernet to Digital streaming source.
I have Ares II as R2R DAC.

Muzishare has 2x300bs...I believe those 2 more looks like 300b but they are 274b i think...used as rectifiers. 
I also learned that Cayin is mostly 220v...I am in the USA so 120V is on Muzishares...
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Hmmmm is it bad that they read?. I am glad they do. 
I’m a very happy owner of an 8 watt 300b SET amplifier. The KEF  is a 4 ohm speaker that dips to 3 ohms in the bass frequencies. They recommend 50 watt minimum to drive them. In addition it’s a 4 way speaker with multiple crossovers. In my opinion this is not an ideal choice for a low power SET.

I believe you’ll get much more of the capability and attributes from a 300b SET paired with the Tekton Perfect SET 15 speakers. They are intentionally designed to work very well with low power tube amplifiers.
i agreed. I ordered Tekton perfect set 15 a couple of days ago. 8 to 10 week delivery estimate. I am  also planning to buy Muzishare X9 as well soon. 
Also let me give some more info about kef 104/2 and 105/3 and tube amp triode mode 24, ultra linear 45w kt88s. In triode mode 1 or 2 o’clock area i assume 12 14 watt kefs and muzishare x7 shakes the house and i feel the bass in my lungs. But i like low watts with full air music so that is why i am still experimenting to go to 8 wattsh set and tekton 15 inch woofer 8 ohm stuff. For someone wants loud music these amps and speakers combinations seems to be pretty satisfactory. 
Yep, the KEF is rated at 93 db sensitivity so with even modest power, reaching high volume would not be a problem. And no doubt that the push-pull KT88 amplifier is more suitable than an 8 watt SET  amp.