I would like to be able to troubleshoot and repair this amplifier myself. Problem is that doing anything other than a few "obvious" checks is almost impossible without a schematic. So, my question to the audiophile world is; - - -  "does anyone know or have a schematic for a CAYIN A-100t amplifier".  Trying to get something from China is near to impossible. I've tried. Also, USA TUBE AUDIO has been no help. They want big money to troubleshoot with no guarantee of the results, or whether parts are even available. They claim  that they don't even have a schematic. To make things worse, the industry rumor is that CAYIN is close to "closing their doors" forever. Can't find anyone in the Chicago area that is capable of doing a repair on this amp. I'm not going to spend a lot of money on a 10 year old + amp, with no guarantee of results. but I hate to throw it in the garbage heap.  So, please, - - - if there is anyone who can actually help, your response would be greatly appreciated..Please, no "smart assed remarks" like I tend to see in other Audiogon discussions. If you can't help, please don't respond. 
Mitch Singerman in LA. I sent an amp to him a few years ago and he did an excellent job.  I can't find his address but many here should know.
Good luck on finding a schematic. The USA distributor did not furnish my techie one when my A 100's failed. My techie was able to effect repairs on my A 100's on several occasions. However on two occasions when replacement parts were not available they could not. USA distributor was not of much help although ultimately he did get the part and fix one of them himself (the other I'm keeping around for spare parts).

If you need a good techie Singerman is an excellent recommendation.
Did you take the bottom off and look around?

My A88T is extremely spacious, high quality parts, apparently logical, all flow of connections very easy to follow.

Many times, a blown resistor is easy to ascertain, they are color coded, marked, other parts values are identified, exact match is not critical, sometimes replace with as good or better. Perhaps replace a pair of something even if one of the pair is good. 

Anyone with a multi-meter can check ...... and rule .... out, except me, I just find and replace anything obvious. More than that, out of warranty, off to local Joe.