Cayin 265Ai integrated...anyone have one?

Does anyone have any experience with this integrated? If so, what do you think?
I asked the same about my new Cayin DP 15. No one responded, kinda scared me to be honest but I love the unit.
Anything Cayin, go ahead, they are absurdly good for the money. It's a no brainer.
I bought a 265ai from a 'gon member last year. I've been very, very happy with the performance. They have an incredible sense of control (both micro and macro) and produce incredible detail. Even though they're rated at 40 watts they easily drive my dynaudio confidence 5 speakers. This is most likely due to the fact that the Cayin produces pure Class A power. Instand power especially if you have hungry speakers. I strongly suggest giving it a listen. I got mine used for $600 without having a chance to audition them and let me tell you, its the best damn purchase I've made from 'gon by far.
Cayin does offer excellent value. The 265 I believe is their ss design, which to me is a "fluke" , since Cayin makes superb amps at incredible price points. Ghost I did make a post about the Cayin 15 and the 17. I firstr bought the 15 used here on the gon and loved its playback. Only used the tube outs, never the ss. The seller had the chinese stock tubes replaced with Bugle Boys. I'd easily compare it to another very popular american band that is tube, and cost 3X's the Cayin.
Then i got tthe 17 from a chinese dealer here on the gon, last summer. The upgrade was worth the investment. I would say the 15 is almost as good as the 15, but still worth the investment if you have the money. The 17 has 4 tubes, 2 per channel. I have not upgraded the tubes yet, and may not.
I just went to amp topic and see a thread on Vac, from there someone mentioned Canary. Which is a new name to me. i googled Canary here on the gon and see a listing for a Canary 100 cdp/tube. I looked at the guts from photos on the Canary web. Really nice. Uses Sony trans and dac, and uses Hovland music caps. Comapring the Cayin 17 guts with the Canary, the Canary looks much more impressive. The Cayin offers 4 tubes to the Canary's 2, one per channel. Good thing for many folks here is that Canary is made in the USA/California. We need reviews.
Sonigmike is looking to trade his A88 for the very best ss intergrated. Go read his comments on thev A88 and his opinion in general of Cayin. btw this is a typical response after hearing Cayin's better products. Cayin's lower priced tube are still a good value, but the real deal starts with the A88, and the B300. I heard the B300, I'd put it against the Jadis. It was that good. My first B300 tube experience, quite a tube I must say, with the "right" speakers. High sensitivity, but not good for classical, as not enough lower end to the tubes. For Jazz/vocals, UNREAL!