Cayin 265ai

I am currently living in Shanghai and can pick one of these up for around $600 new. I have a Cayin A100T and it sounds great. I am thinking of the 265ai for some Usher Be718s. Unfortunately I need to order the amp before hearing it. Any insight if this 40w x 2 class a amp would power the ushers successfully?
Don't know about using it with the Usher's. But buying it is a no brainer. I too have a 100, and other Cayin/VAS products. Never been disappointed. Go for it.
Yeah maybe I'll pick one up this week. I guess if I don't like it I could probably turn a small profit on it when I return to the US. Now also looking at the H-80a integrated which I can pick up new for about $1400 but the initial investment of $600 sounds better. One guy said he was pushing Dynaudio Confidence 5 with his 265ai with great results. Find it hard to believe but maybe the high current is enough.
Got it home last night and sounded terrible right off. 20 minutes later sounded ehh. 2 hours later and almost too hot to touch and sounds fantastic. Drove the Ushers to the point where I was worrying about bothering the neighbors and no strain whatsoever. Always considered the Ushers a little slow. Not so with this amp. Details popping out much more as well and actually sound good at low volume. Would love to hear how it would compare to say an accuphase e560. I'm sure the accuphase is better but I don't think for what I paid anything could come close to touching it. It's either seriously underrated or class a is just a different animal. Need to try it with my Kefs tonight.