Cayin 220C Integrated & CD15B CD Player

Hi there,
Just wondering what some of your thoughts are on this amp. It'll be used to run my Totem Sttaf's. Right now I'm bi-amping my speakers with a NAD C320BEE (highs) and a NAD C270 (lows). My source right now is a NAD C521BEE but I'm considering upgrading to the Cayin CD15B. All IC's and speaker cables are from Unity Link.

Thanks for looking.
My guess it that it will sound similar to my experiences when I changed from a NAD C320BEE to a Prima Luna Prologue Two tube integrated this past March. I am still amazed as to how alive and musical sounding the change made. In fact, I replaced the Musical Fidelity A300 CR power amp in my main system with a Prima Luna Prologue Five tube power amp.

In the NAD system, I was using a SONY SCD 555 ES SACD changer; Acoustic Research 302 speakers; Signal Cable speaker cables; and IXOS Silver Gamma 1001 interconnects. I was so impressed with the change in sound, I wrote a review here (Review # 1109673309).

Good Luck & Regards, Rich