Cayin 15A and 17A Review

I bought the Cayin 15A dual tube cdp about 1 year ago, used from a fellow Audiogonner, who even mentioned that he was abit reluctant to sell, and couldn't figure out what his reason was for selling. My gain, for it does in fact deliver a neutral(ie very low distortion) sound stage/image. I like to use the word fidelity, in describing like-like sound equipment.
The 15A was used with a Jadis Orchestra Reference with the Seas Thor's, a MTM, Mid bass monitor + Tweeter + Midbass monitor. The seller of the Cayin had replaced the stock russian 6922's with Bugleboys. As I say, a very nice cdp.

Now arrived today, the Cayin 17A , which has a 4 tube out, stock russian tubes. I plan to upgrade the tubes when Richard Grey gets his shipment in.
The unit as has a regular patch cord hook up, which I use., And it also has several other outs , a digital out and another opitical outs, neither which I understand how they are used.

Listening to classical(Schonberg) and pop (Faith Hill), I notice that each instrument is given in greater detail, the music is thus presented as more "complex", which is a improvement over the 15A. I did notice on one section of the Schonberg where the chorus sings softly, and the 15A presents a more unified whole, IOW the chorus is more hushed and intergrated sounding. The piece is Jacob's Ladder with Nagano conducting.
With either cdp you can't go wrong, but I'm gald to have the additional 17A , with the 15 going on a second future system.
So for price, durablility, sound I give both very high ratings. Both are hefty and are built "like a tank".

The 17 was shipped from China via DHL, took exactly 7 days (you may get in in 5, as mine was during the 4th holiday).
Thanks Jian.
I'll post another note when the new tubes arrive, about 2 weeks.
I highly recommend getting some decent cables to really hear what your player is doing. They don't have to be expensive, there are many good choices under $100, and just about anything will sound better than patch cord believe me!
Hearing is believing. No hype with this unit.
Cayin hides nothing, they provide a photo of the guts of their unit. As clean and neato the insider/outside looks , matches the incredible detail, high resolution this 17A offers.
There are 4 tubes, 2 for left channel, 2 for right. Can't wait til Richard gets in the Siemans tubes.
I thought this forum was open to chat about ALL audio. And not just the ones YOU favor?
Or you don't think there is no hype going on here at Audiogon?
My last post means, that I'm looking for questions about my post.
Or do I need to wait for a few replies?
I did not see any interest in my new Cayin TUBE palyer.
The palyer is awesome!

I have a Cary 303/300 (tube and SS output) and I've heard the specs are identical between the 303/300 (at $4k) and one of the Cayin models, but I can't remember which.

Do any of the Cayin models have both tube and SS out?

Also, have you heard any of the Cary CDP's to compare the Cayin to? I have a feeling the chinese are quietly making excellent products at a phenomenal price...

Oh, and what is the top of the line CDP for Cayin on redbook? The 17A?

Hi Howard, I just now see your post. I don't ck in often gere, as I see few responses to answer to.
The only reason I cked this thread is to let everyone know as yet I did not get the 4 new Siemens for the 17, but will do so this week.

Howard, the 15 has both ss and tube. The tube is better sounding. I bought my 15 used last yr here, and the seller had Bugle Boy tubes, 2, in the unti. Very impressive unit.
The 17 with 4 output tubes, 2 per channel is a notch above.
Cayin has another tube player, the 50. But I do not have any sacd, so mam not interested.
I did in fact hear the Cary 202 2 yrs ago at a friends house. Ran through a Audio Research 75 with a pair of bipolar Mirage speakers.
I really was not that impressed. He has louder sound, mine is more listenable/no fatigue. The Cary had a few functional problems as well. The Cayin is built like my Jadis, a tank.

I see Jian now has included the DHL shipping in his price. Which is what I pd, $1150 for the 17.
Feel free to PM me.