Caveat Emptor

I almost never post and never have submitted a bad review but my experience with Apos Audio requires me to do such.

I ordered a DAC from them and they sent wrong color. I tried to contact them via phone and the only way to get someone's attention is through email.  They gave a slight refund if I wanted to keep the DAC which I accepted.  Then when I hooked it up it would not work correctly. They offered suggestions on a possible fix which I tried all to no avail. I asked to send the unit back to get refund and that is when the issue on a 20% restocking fee was communicated to me due to having it longer than the time allowed.  This was not acceptable to me as I had to wait for their response between emails.  I sent the unit back and filed a dispute with Paypal and it took me 3 weeks from the time they received it to get my money.  I will never buy from them again and will give my business to Mother Amazon where returns are much simpler and I don't have to write numerous emails to get refund.

Just a heads up to all.


Thanks. I tried everything in my power to make it work so I could enjoy and not send back and miss listening to music.  It would be nice if possible to pick up the phone and discuss with someone but when I called the number listed on their website all I got was a recording and not even able to leave a message.

I am happy others have had good experiences with them but once they made an error in sending me the wrong color I thought they would have taken the extra steps to make this right instead I got push back during the whole process.

I can't recall the last time something like this rose to the frustration level this did.

The have lost a customer for life.


The customer in most cases are always right and Apos Audio you should feel ashamed of yourselves. Word spreads quiickly and if you want to remain in business I suggest you give your customers the benefit of the doubt and keep them happy!

A good experience with Apos means nothing regarding the veracity of OPs claim.  The Apos response here seems far from optimal.  To overcome this, they better make killer gear with awesome sonics.


Anyone remember why Grant Fidelity quit selling Psvane tubes? They reported that the Chinese company wanted to dictate policy to them, the seller. does this happen at Apos?

They have a lot of convoluted policies which seem contradictory to me. 45 day return with all sorts of stipulations. Any way you slice it, Chinese policy has its fingerprints all over this including only email communication when a telephone call could take care of the problem much quicker and easier.

with all due respect, this is speculation on your part, and painting with a very broad brush

i have had no problems with apos, bought, item delivered, returned within return period, full refund in 2021, their 20% restocking may not have been in effect since then, but even so, within 15 days it does not apply... of course my good experience does not mean apos is perfect, hasn't changed for the worse in the meantime, and others haven’t had a bad time, but my data point is just that, a real data point

other points to note - iirc when i have gone to apos’ website during business hours there is a chat function, you get a live person

i dealt with a person at apos when i returned my dac by the name of john soriano ( - maybe this is really a chinese guy named chang who doesn’t speak english, using a fake email name... 😂

Why would you leave something turned on for 2 days if it wasn't working properly?