cause, solution, ideas please...

OK I am born again into the world of vinyl, my humble set-up is as follows:
Onkyo 1027F table
Audio Technica AT-92ED Cartridge
PS Audio 4.5 Pre-amp (with upgraded Cardas Silver Rodium output jacks)
on Navcom Suspension pucks, my table is 5 feet away from my Innersound Eros speaker on a heavy well built stand. I will say that I am not using any special interconnects.
Although I will never expect this to sound like a Walker, or even a Rega table...., but I get the sound of what can best be described as AM radio "like" high frequeny clarity especially in the cymballs and "S's"
Even at my table rigs price and age I dont think that this should be expected performance, if it is then screw vinyl, but please help me figure out what are my options, what may be the cause, and cheap solutions, at what amounts to a roughly $900 set-up (new) I cant imagine this is what should be tolerated.
P.S. my records are well kept and treated with Realistic anti-static cleaner with a velvet brush.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PLEASE HELP!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Cartridge is not tracking properly. I am not familiar with the tonearm/cartridge combination but they must be matched properly for optimal performance. Even a good cartridge in the wrong arm (and vice versa) will cause this sibilance you're experiencing. Assuming the match is good, check your cartridge alignment, i.e. VTA, VTF, azimuth, and overhang.
Good luck!!
Chad, I'm going to suggest the same idea as I pass to anyone that will listen... have you tried vibration control? I am now using it in my system and the results were jaw dropping! I'm not using a Turntable at this time but, when I do go back to it the fist thing to buy will be Bright Star Audio vibration control peices or others that are in the same leauge. I had to get a just a bit of thinking expansion to help me with this but, it is an absolute necessity for me now and I don't know how I've ever done without it, yes it makes that big a difference! Plus it has been so cost effective that it has let me hear what has been missing in inner details and helped with extentions and NATURAL PRESENTATION the way the music is supposed to be.Beleive me when I tell you that it calmed the harshness of my CDs and relaxed the presentation again I can't say just how startling the differences are, IMHO you might want to look into this, it just may shock you, hope it helps.
yes rsg, I have it on Navcom isolation pucks....thanks
Make sure the recordings were not digitally mastered. I've found that LP's made in the 80's and so, love the digital mastering process. It sounds horrible. A present day analog mastered CD will sound better than a digitally mastered LP, IMHO.

Recordings aside, how old is the cartridge? Is it set up properly? VTA, VTF, etc.

Can't help with your problem, but welcome to the world of vinyl!
Sounds like the RIAA equalization is not in the circuit. Is this possible? Have you tried the PS 4.5 with other analog set-ups and know that it works properly? Good luck.
Hmmm. I get much better than AM radio-quality sound from my $300 MMF-2.1 with it's sub $100 Elan cart. i'm running a HagTech DIY Bugle phono. So something is wrong if you spent $900 and got that sound. Two tweaks I did but it didn't affect the problem you are solving was a Michell record clamp and some $20 cones from Parts Express, to default the stock suspension, spike to my rack, which is spiked to my basement floor. The effect of the clamp is minor in my setup to me, but the cones were a major leap forward.

I'm a relative newbie, but it should like a mismatch problem somewhere (problems with cart VTA or VTF or even alignment issues). I think you are having special problems. No circa.$900 set up should sound like that.
I think I have it figured out thanks to you guys pointing me in the right direction, when I balanced the arm, I set the anti-skate to zero, then moved it to 1.5 per manufature instructions, but I did not do it right, I only moved the anti-skate refrence knob..not inderstanding that I moved the counter weight....stupid mistake on my part thanks all for your help, performance isnt perfect but at this point it is pretty livable, another bonus is now snaps and pops are almost gone....thanks bunches!
Got it all figured out, I didnt pay anything for my Vinyl gear I was simply stating the price level for refrence, it was a mis-adjustment on my part and now it is better, not great but much better.
As a foot note, will adding mass to the table while playing (I have 2 marble triangle nick-nack peices) that I can put on while playing, will this have any sonic benefit?
>>will adding mass to the table while playing (I have 2 marble triangle nick-nack peices) that I can put on while playing, will this have any sonic benefit?<<

Why ask if you are the only one with your particular setup conditions? None of us can duplicate this experiment? So, just do the experiment, then YOU tell US what you hear. It'll take less time than it took me to post this.

Note: I realize this sounds harsh, but eventually you have to trust your own judgment. I'm just trying to kick your ass into active experimentation.
If you mean putting the weights on the plinth, it depends on the design of the table. If yours is a suspended table then I wouldn't recommend it. The suspension was presumably designed for the amount of mass it's supporting now. Overloading the suspension on a TT is sort of like overloading the suspension on a car.

If it's an unsuspended table, it might help or it might not. (I'm a wealth of info here!) In that case I say try it and decide for yourself. And let us know what you hear.

Good job fixing your initial problem. From your description I was pretty sure inadequate VTF was the culprit. Glad you worked it out.