Caught in a squeeze

I'm putting together a system for my soon-to-be 10-year old daughter. So far I've found a Target TT2 rack, B&W DM303 speakers, and a NAD 513 3-disc CD player. To complete this modest system I need a reciever (with remote) for the young lady.

I searched AudioGon but there are very few receivers for sale on this site at a reasonable price. Stumbled across the new Classe all-in-one unit, lusted for a second than came to my senses. A 10 year-old sure doesn't need or appreciate something like that. This site is great for a lot of reasons but in searching Ebay a few things became apparent. I like pictures of the item for sale, Ebay makes it very easy for the seller to upload pics. AudioGon, how about providing the same service? I'm willing to pay a buck or two more to have the ability to upload pics. I also like the ability to search by location easily, reducing shipping costs.

I was chatting with a fellow 'phile who scored a nice Proton receiver on Ebay for $60 so I figured I'd hop on Ebay and see what's available. So Ebay is great, right? Wrong. 17 pages of receivers for sale, the items up for auction look like a really big warehouse (from the 1970's) full of bad low-fi gear blew up. Any decent brands (e.g. NAD, Proton) are of similar vintage and seem to draw a lot of bids. They end up unreasonably priced. Lots of pics, certainly gives you a great idea what the item looks like. The search continues, methinks it's time for a visit to my local dealer to see what he's taken in on trade lately.
Jeff: I have always used photos on my A'Gon ads. I am on AOL and just place the web address of the photo in the supplied A'Gon link area. Has this feature changed? I have been unable to place photos in posts though.
Try or or for refurb NAD gear.
Dekay, in order to place a copy of a picture in an ad here on the 'Gon you need to upload the pic to a site that hosts pictures. You then point your ad to the url where your uploaded pic resides and the pic is now included in your ad. You need to find a site that provides this service (hopefully free), then go through multiple steps. On Ebay, while assembling your ad you click on "upload pic", point to the directory where the pic is on your own pc (e.g. My Documents)and voila, it's in your ad. Most ads on Ebay have pics because it's so easy to include it. I realize Ebay is a big animal with a ton of resources, but if the 'Gon was to offer a similar service for a nominal fee there would be a lot more ads containing pictures.

Drrasta, thanks for the heads up!
Though I think we should make a tacit rule that the picture needs to be the ACTUAL picture of the item, and not simply a picture stolen from the manufacturer's web site/sale booklet, etc.
Try There stock and prices vary but you can find some great deals and they have a 30 day no questions money back garentee.
There also may be something for a reasonable price at audioreview. I do not know how hot HK is on the used market, but their recievers should be decent enough.
Was about to put my NAD 7400 up for sale, but its tuner section and 10db remote mute are so useful, that I set it up as a second system in the TV room. HT? Ha!
NAD7000, 7100 and 7400 receivers are a steal used. Great tuners, fat amps, and VERY flexible tone controls and bass EQ. Not the cleanest or quietest pre, though.
Just thought I would add my 2 cents...I'm not sure where you're located, but check your local paper under Electronics/home entertainment. If you find something interesting you can go check it out. Often this stuff doesn't sell real well, and you can get it for very reasonable. The other source could be dedicating a Friday/Sat. to looking at "Yard Sales" which often will state in the ad "Stereo" or "electronics". Often there are like new receivers with remotes. Just a thought.