Catridge Suggestion for Audio Research PH-5

Hi, I have Audio Research PH-5 Phon and looking for Good Catridge suggestion. I am using Dynavector XX-2 MK II but dont have enough gain. Here is rest of my system

VPI Classic 1
Audio Research REF 3 pre Amp
Parasound JC1 Amps
Vandersteen 5A Speakers
The Benz cartridges are available with various gain.
I think your cartridge is the better of the 2 pieces. If it was my system I would keep it. You can get a head amp to get the gain up to where you need it or you can just replace your PH-5. I wouldn't be so fast to give up the benefits you get with a low output cart.
Ortofon jubilee has worked nicely for me for several years.
Can you suggest some head amps which go well with my system.
Have you considered getting a step-up transformer?
No. I did not. I am new to this and have no experience with stepups. Will there be a quality difference with stepups ?
Like anything in the signal path, there is a chance of degradation. The better quality transformers are quite good. Dynavector is supposed to make a very good quality transformer but I have no personal experience with it. Just read others' opinions.
Get in touch with John Rutan at Audioconnection in New Jersey. I would certainly trust him for suggestions. He's an Audio Research dealer and one of the foremost experts on Vandersteen...a winning match for you. John is a wonderful guy to speak to.
Thanks for your suggestion. I will contact Audioconnection tomorrow.
I have been reading various posts including this one, and I have a question in regards to gain. I also have the PH5 but my linestage is the LS5 Mk2 which has variable gain of 12 or 30db.

So would this combination work with the xx2 mk2 or is the gain really needed on the phono pre side?
Hello , to make my Dynavector TE KAITORA a marriage in Heaven
with the PH5 I built in the Jensen step up xformers .ARC used to have this type in their former REF phono.Suggestion to sell or the Dynavector or the PH5 was not what I was thinking about.
Greetings of the Netherlands