catridge match with Morch DP-6

I'm thinking of upgrading my rewired rb300 to a Morch DP-6, and wondering what cartridge would be a good match. First of all is Morch arm a really good one to go for? And then the catridges currently on the shorlist are: 1. ZYX R-100, 2. Ortofon Kontrapunkt B, 3. shelter 501 mk II. The turntable I'm using is J.A. Mitchell Orbe. Could anybody give me some advices please?
The DP-6 is much better than the DP-4, I'm told. I'm afraid I don't know how it would stack up against your Rega, but it is probably somewhat better. Is it better enough to justify the cost? Of course, that depends on how much you pay for a DP-6. BTW, I am told a very good upgrade from a rewired RB300 would be the Clearaudio Unifi, which retails quite reasonably. The Unifi is said to be a pain to set up, though.

You don't mention what cartridge you have now. Since the Rega can take a very good one, any of the cartridges you mention would probably work fine in the Morch. Again, though, are you aiming at enough of an upgrade? Small upgrades can work out very dear. You might consider going for a very good cartridge indeed--your proverbial "last cartridge", perhaps--and putting off the arm upgrade.

That's what I did. I swapped my Glider 2 HO for a Cardas Heart. It sounds wonderful in my rewired RB300, and it will sound even better in my next arm.
Hi, when I was buying my VPI turntable at my dealer in Seattle, I had a chance to compare the Rega, Morch and VPI tone arms using a Glider2. The Morch sounded much better than the Rega. So I bought the VPI with the Morch and Glider combo. Sonically I was very happy, BUT I couldn't live with the Morch, due to the construction, It's called the worlds lightest tone arm for a reason, each time I used it, I thought it would fall apart, it just felt flimsy with all the weight strings. I sold the Morch and bought the VPI, much happier. The gentleman who bought the Morch also kept if for only a short time, he had the same complaint, flimsy and the weights were hard to keep in constant balance.
I have a Morch DP-6 with a ZYX R-100 mounted on a Oracle Delphi Mk 5. The combination is very nice (slightly on the warm side, good detail and a very silent background) after a lot of tuning.
Improvements I have made included a 2" thick granite base, detailed tuning with proper measurement and setup tools done by a friend, and experimenting with the loading on the phono preamp. I use the standard Morch phono cable but someone suggested that it could be greatly improved upon, which I am in the process of doing.
I have even been in contact with Hans Morch himself and he uses a Ortofon MC 3000 with the DP-6 on a Morch turntable, which is not being produced anymore.
I would go with the Kontrapunkt B or the new entry level Allearts.
The Morch DP-6 is Dual bearing tonearm is way better than the Rega 300B. All the cartridges you mention should work fine with it provided you match the proper Morch arm tube to their weight. There are 4 arm tubes to choose from Light 3.8g, Medium 5.7g, Heavy 7.4g Extra Heavy 13.1g.
As far as the counter weights going out of adjustment they are held by orings which must of been worn out on the Morch arm mentioned. I have had mine for 7 years on a Sota Sapphire with no such problem. I am using a low output Benz Scheu catridge.
Thanks everybody for the advices. Personally I like the finish and workmanship of the Morch DP-6. The only thing that I am worrying about is those contact points with the swappable arm tube, which is being held tight by a single screw. I wonder if it would have any problem / wear over prolong usage and arm tubes swapping. I guess those guys around which has been using it for years could pass on some info. Thanks.
You should consider the Origin live silver arm with the shelter 501 combo, best value for the money. It uses the same armboard as the Rega.
This combo is hard to beat period. The Origin live silver arm with the shelter 501 is good enough to be used on the best turntables. You will not need better on your current table. What is your phono section? This may need an upgrade also.
good luck,
the flexibility of the moerch as stated above makes it a potentially good match with a wide variety of cartridges. i have used a dp-6 with excellent results mated to an allaerts mc1b. mine has been rock-steady in it's setup, so i can't account for the experience cited above. also, the appearance belies the structural rigidity of the arm, which is well known. the mechanical coupling of the arm top to the pillar will undoubtedly withstand however many swaps one desires. just wanted to chime in on the "plus side." good luck with your choices!