Catridge Choice Sumiko vs. Goldring

I need to make a decision, and I hope you will weigh in on it, and steer me in the right direction. For Christmas, I received a new MMF 2.2 turntable. It wasn't a moment too soon, because my Denon DP37F had reached the ripe old age of 25. On it is a Sumiko Blue Point. On the MMF is a Goldring Elektra (MMF Tracker). So it's moving magnet vs. a moving coil. I need to determine if is worth the effort to swap cartridges. One other big factor is that 5+ years ago, I had a severe stroke. Now I have some spasticity in my hands. I don't want to have a catastrophe with cantilever, and the job will take longer than usual, but I am willing to make the effort if it worth it. You should also know that the Elektra is brand new, while the Blue Point is about 8 years old. TIA.

both are pretty easy to mount. the goldring may be a bit more dynamic sonically. hope this info helps. as a ps, you can order a gasrrott bros k2 or k3 from australia. you can google for the distributer. because the aussie dollar is even weaker than ours, and either is a bit better sonically...(think music maker)...and the cantilever slides out(old school), so when your mounting the cartridge, its safe. these are rare, but among the finest at any price. i think the k2 is less than 200 bucks delivered.....all that said, if the sumiko sounds good to you, use it.