Going to run some CAT cable from my router to my Sony OLED TV and Integra Receiver.
Both run lengths are around 50', some open, some thru walls.
Suggestions for cable spec. please.
Belkin is good

strongly suggest you run fiber too 'while you're in there'
Sure you want cat-6?  Supposedly all wires are not the same guage.  CAT-5 might be preferable
I’ve tried CAT5 CAT5e and CAT6 - all "patch cables" with installed connectors purchased from a local computer store.

For computer work it was more than adequate

Moving music & video over a LAN - especially high res files - I found CAT6 preferable - i.e. better sound quality

The CAT6 cable I used had 4 tightly twisted pairs and a nylon "X profile" separator between the twisted pairs - I don’t recall if it was shielded.

I was using a 50ft store bought patch cable

I think the quality of copper in the CAT5e is the same as the CAT6, it’s just the twisting of the conductors is tighter and the nylon separator that improves on the throughput

Currently in my house I have CAT6 shielded and running streaming TV and high-res music without any issues - so far :-)

Hope that helps