CAT versus OTLs and Merlin

I have just ordered a pair of Merlin VSM-MX. I own a CAT JL2 amp which many consider one of the finest amps in the world (always subject to deabte of course). I have noticed that many Merlin owners use either the Berning (OTL?) or Joule amps with the Merlin - said to be an excellent match. I have also noticed that Merlin has shown with CAT on occassion, most recently at CES. Any opionions on these three different amps in genral, and with Merlins in particular. Thank you in advance for your input.
This will barely get you started,but more will follow....demoed a Berning ZH270 with some VSM-MM's recently.[Thanks Art] topped an Ayre V5x and Counterpoint Np220 on all levels.Magnificent!Have not heard your amp so wont comment except to say,you are in for a treat,Bob
I have heard the Merlin/Joule match and thought it was very nice. I also heard the Merlin/CAT match and thought they were very different. It was about a year in between listening, but I think I preferred the Joule combo slightly. I also have a hard time answering this because the speakers I am sure were improved over the previous year. There was something a bit faster and more open with the OTL's.