CAT versus Joule Preamp

Does anyone have direct experience in comapring the CAT versus Joule preamps in whatever iteration? I'm primarily interested in the linestage performance.
I have a CAT3 and had the joule 100 mk 3--The cat is just plain sweeter--more goose-bumps--- Bassed on when I owned them both. (Had the Joule first) I resold it. Back then I owned Aerial 10ts---and I thought this speaker could the help, in that department.
I actually think there's a family resemblence between the CATs and the J-Es. I found the Joule LA100 MkIII to be happier with a good power cord - really helped the dynamics, which were pretty good but much improved with the TG Audio SLVR pc. The LA150 is a somewhat of a different animal. Either amp can be custom adjusted.

Both preamps do the soundstaging, imaging and layering things well. The top CAT preamp is a hair more resolving in the midrange and renders highs more delicately...the Joule maybe had better, moreimpactful bass.

Both are excellent preamps. Try to listen to each. It will really come down to your system and taste.
Keep the CAT.....
I agree, I like the CAT too.
At $5,250.00 the Joule LA-150 is a superb pre and, in my system, betters the C-J 16LSII by a large margin. It is pure, transparent, and sweetly musical at the same time. Does have damn good bass as stated above. Also has a nice remote control for volume and balance.

I've not heard the CAT in about 13-14 years and have not heard any versions past, I think, MKII so got no opinion on it. Think it's now quite a bit more expensive than the Joule.
Thanks for your feedback. It sounds like standing still is moving forward, especially since I have the CAT JL2 amp. I was considering the Joule since I just purchased Merlins and have heard that they are particularly good match - and 'cuz I can't leave well enough alone.
Check with sbank, He has Merlins and has used both Joule and CAT preamps with them.