CAT Ultimate VS Conrad Johnson Art/CJ 16

Has somebody ever owned CAT Ultimate, Conrad Johnson Art/CJ premier 16 ???
If yes what are the differences in sound ?
Is the CJ more romantic compare to CAT ??
the cat be most romantic if you stroke its fur "with the grain," never against it. it'll really purrr with a little practice. the art be hard to understand; just don't get it. izit a post-bauhaus poke at dada or just another precursor/derivative of andy warhol? and the premier16? comon' the soviet union collapsed quite awhile ago. you think putin's gonna' embrace the style of kruschev, the last really great premier? but then, gotta' admit i've never played em' all at the same exact time. bet it would be interesting.
Sorry, just did not get what you are talking/farting about.
Hi !
Mr Comfedboy, please be more clear and use normal language, then I understand better.
Thanks, Rademaker
C'mon you guys! You can understand if you try! He likes the CAT, but he thinks you need to set it up properly and/or mate it well with other equipment. If you do that it will really sing. The Conrad Johnson preamps in general: he doesn't exactly understand what style of sound it is trying to achieve. The Premier 16 is either an old unit or embraces an old style of sound which, while that sound had its heyday, is probably not going to work today. He has never A/B'ed the two units side-by-side.
Dear guys,
Thanks so far but I really need people who really heard both units.
Cornfedboy: how artful art thou! - 10/10. Thrilling to have such a wit. On no account be sullied by the above - this hobby can certainly do with your brand of erudition
I owned them both, as a matter of fact I had 3 generations of the CAT over the years and enjoyed them all, the ultimate the most. I really didn't keep the CJ 16LS for more than a month. It just didn't have the magic that the CAT did and tho it was suposed to be close to the ART (which I also owned for a short while) I felt it was a long way from that. I vote for the CAT.