CAT Ultimate Pre Amp

Any and all information is welcome
are they as good as I have heard?
Where can you buy one? as well as where are they made? any website info?
Although some will tell you otherwise, I think it is the best overall performing preamp which I have heard. It certainly competes with the very best. That doesn't mean that it has synergy with every possible amp and speaker that you can mate it with. Its sonic signature can be changed significantly according to which tubes you use with it. You can buy one at Analog Shop in Liverpool? , N.Y. They are a dealer who sells nationwide. Convergent Audio Technology is in Rush, N.Y. They have no website.
I have had the Ultimate for about 1 year now. I don't think that I have heard a better sounding preamp than the CAT Ultimate, which is not to say it's the best preamp....
I was not a lucky owner. The first month that I had it, the volume pot went. The unit was sent back to CAT for repair. Three months later the line stage tubes began to make noise. CAT sent me pre-burned tube, they went bad again within a month. CAT sent me another set of tubes which were better...I then bought a whole punch of NOS tubes from dealer, they changed the sound of the preamp. Sonically, these are excellent performer...Good luck.

Does anyone have the same as I did with CAT Ultimate??????thanks.....

I have had no problems with tube reliability in my CAT, which I have had for over 2 years. Were those the stock Sovteks which kept burning out. If not, which brand of tubes were they?

I use Telefunken E88CC's (6922) in V6 and V7 of the line section or sometimes Telefunken cca. In V8 and V9 I use Telefunken ECC83 (12AX7). In V10, I use Telefunken ECC88 (6DJ8). I have left the phono section with the standard Sovtek 6922's at V1, V2 and V5 along with the EI Yugo 12AX7 at V3 and V4. What do you use now?

I recently listened to the phono section which is using the stock tubes. It sounded awful. It was thin, bright and nasal sounding. Since I almost never listen to phono anymore, When the tubes in the phono section are replaced with Telefunken tubes similar to what is installed in the line section, what a difference! I have avoided using up my premium Telefunkens in the phono section. It is amazing what a difference these premium tubes make in the phono and line sections of this preamp.

Ray Hall
CAT ranks up there in the linestage. The phono stage could use improvement compared to other preamps. I had no problem with it's mechanics. Depending how nitpicking you are I would go with the MkIII at a fraction of the cost without losing sonics.
 I don't think you will find anyone, anywhere in the world, who has owned the Ultimate preamplifier, that would have anything "negative", to report. This preamplifier does everything not just correct, but just about perfectly.  personally, I have owned a few of these, and I have compared the two other preamps. Sonically, just incredible. The cosmetics, would be a matter of personal taste, and some would say could definitely use design improvement, But that has nothing to do with sound. You can't go wrong buying the "ultimate".  NOS driver tubes alter the sound tremendously, It's a tweaks delight!

The LAMM L1, Is also a spectacular preamplifier. Clean, clear, and precise and yet very musical. Absolutely a winner. And the support direct from the manufacturer is second to none. A great guy, and will walk you step-by-step through the preamplifier himself.

I hope this helps…
You should pickup one soon it will be a big upgrade for you buy it.Enjoy!!