CAT Ultimate Mk II Cartridge Matching

Has anyone been able to test a variety of low output cartridges on this preamp? I may purchase one soon, and already have a Shelter 501 mkii cartridge (0.5mv). I read a review on Audio Asylum that said the CAT should use cartridges over 0.5mv to deal with noise issues. I'm concerned about the possibility of not enough gain. Any thoughts or experiences to offer? Thanks.

I never owned an Ultimate but I have done comparisons with a Sig Mk II and Mk III. Both models have been paired with a Shelter 501 Mk II (0.4mV) and a ZYX Airy 3 (0.48mV). Volume/gain was never an issue with these cartridges since I don't listen to music at concert volume levels. Noise was a non-issue and was dead quiet, even between songs and soft passages so tube choice is critical (I used Siemens E88CC).

I had the same thought or scenario as you and was thinking of a step-up device but decided to go for a pre-amp that accomodates LOMC's.

I highly recommend any CAT above the Sig Mk III. The phono stage is one of the best that I've ever heard. If you find that more gain is required, get yourself a BENT-MU Step-up device (another great performer).
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Thanks Aoliviero. I just found out that my cartridge only has 0.4 mv, but many people are using cartridges with this output. We'll see.